The End (or is it…)

Hello all!  I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long.  As you may know, our “year of service” technically came to an end in August of 2012.  We have done several service projects since that time, but many of them were repeats and I just didn’t feel like I had that much new material to share.  As one update, we were able to ship four large boxes of shoes to the children in Kenya.  I was hoping for some pictures of the children with shoes to post, but unfortunately, I did not receive any.  The only picture I received was showing that the boxes had arrived, and I didn’t think that picture was blog-worthy.  At any rate, I decided that I kind of left things completely unresolved with this blog and wanted to wrap it up properly.

Our year of service was a wonderful experience, and I am thankful for all of the adventures we had along the way.  We met so many wonderful people, near and far, and hopefully we had a small positive impact in this massive, crazy world.  I fully plan to keep teaching my children to give, and we will do many of these projects over and over again at our house.  My youngest child, Jake, is now pushing 3 and is ready to start learning to give, as well.  I look forward to adding him in to our projects from here on out.

I hope everyone who stumbles across this blog finds a little inspiration somewhere to make a difference.  I know it isn’t realistic for everyone to do a service project a week, but it is realistic to do something.  I truly believe that if we focus on teaching our children to give, the world will ultimately be a much better place.  Many thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way on our journey!

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