Thanks from Kenya!

As you probably know, we have connected with a school in Eldoret, Kenya – Fresh Start Academy – who asked for our help in meeting some very basic needs.  Thanks to the generosity of dozens of  you, we were able to send hundreds of toothbrushes and toothpaste and school supplies to the children in Kenya late in the summer.  Below is the message I received back from John, my connection with the Fresh Start Academy:

In behalf of the Fresh Start Academy, I would like to express  our deepest gratitude for your generous donation last month.

The donation you made contributed greatly to the success of our  project.We were able to make 300  children happy that day and we were also able to give them gifts  composed of Toothbrushes and pastes plus the school supplies.The beneficiaries were overjoyed by the activity and are hoping that we will continue supporting these children.

Thank you so much for giving importance to endeavors such as ours.   Bringing smiles to children’s faces is truly a heart-warming way to  share our blessings to others.We hope you continue supporting us in  future activities.

Yours sincerely,


He also sent me several pictures of the children with their new goodies that I wanted to share:

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped with these projects!  It’s so exciting to get to see the pictures of the children with our gifts – to know they are really getting to these kids and we are making a difference!

We are going to continue trying to help the children at the Fresh Start Academy as much as we can.  Our next project is to try to provide shoes for the 300 children before Christmas.  Many people have already donated shoes, and I know there are many more coming.  If you have shoes (in good condition) that you would like to send to these children, please let me know!  The biggest issue is going to be shipping the shoes.  If you would like to make a contribution to help ship shoes to these sweet kiddos, you can do so here.  Even $5 or $10 can really help!

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