Project 50: Take cookies to the traffic control guys at church

Today we completed project number 50.  Wow, that is a lot!  Only two more until we reach our goal for the year!  I really can’t take much credit for today’s project, but I thought it was definitely a project worthy of making our list.  On Friday, my sweet friend Jenny came to watch my kids while Rob and I went out.  She said she and her husband had been talking about making cookies to take to the off duty police officers who handle traffic control at our church every Sunday.  (This has to be a very thankless and often miserable job.   With temperatures over 100 degrees and construction traffic going on, these guys show up every week to help our church members get home safely and without too much traffic-related frustration.)

Anyway, Jenny asked if the kids wanted to help her decorate the cookies.  Of course!  Abby would never turn down a chance to make cookies!  Jake also had a great time.  It was his first time to help decorate cookies, and apparently he did great.  (He was missing his shirt when I got home, which had apparently gotten covered in icing, but the cookies looked good!)  When the cookies were done, they loaded them up in cute little buckets.

Jenny decided to leave the cookies with us so Abby and Jake could deliver them to the off duty police officers.  So, this morning when we went to church, Abby and Jake handed off the buckets full of cookies.  The officers seemed really surprised and genuinely appreciative.  We thanked them for helping us every week.  It made me realize how often we take some of the more thankless jobs out there for granted.  It was fun to appreciate them and make their day.

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