Project 49: Help clean up the neighborhood

This morning Abby, Jake and I did a little project while on our morning walk.  Ever since we got rid of the double stroller, Abby has NOT been interested in going on walks.  So, this morning I suggested that we turn our walk into a project and pick up trash along our way.  I was really surprised – she LOVED the idea!  She was strangely excited to get out her gardening gloves and a plastic bag and get started.

Despite the fact that Abby’s room and the playroom are usually a total disaster, she apparently is really bothered by litter.  When we went to the fireworks for the 4th of July, it really bothered her to leave and see that many people had left trash on the grass.  She just did not understand why everyone did not throw their trash away.  I knew at that time that this project would be coming soon.

This morning, she had the best time finding trash and picking it up.  It was sort of like a scavenger hunt to her or something.  Jake really enjoyed it, too.  Riding in his stroller, he would pick out trash and help Abby find it.  In his sweet little two-year-old voice, he’d point and yell out, “I see trash!  I see trash!  Abby pick it up!”  Abby kept saying, “People are really going to be happy that we are cleaning up the neighborhood!”  Periodically she would throw in, “It’s really bad to litter.  Why do people litter?  Everyone will be so happy we are cleaning it up!”

I can’t say I got the cardiovascular workout I was looking for when I set out for a walk this morning, but it was worth it.  We filled a plastic grocery bag to the brim.  I think we’ll probably always keep an empty grocery sack in the bottom of the stroller from now on, just in case we see some more trash that needs picking up.  This is a great, easy, and free project for preschoolers to do!

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