Project 48: Volunteer at The School Supply Project

Today I took the morning off so I could do this project with Abby and my mom.  We volunteered by packing bags and organizing school supplies for The School Supply Project in Plano.  The School Supply Project provides bags of school supplies for under-privileged children in the Plano Independent School District.  Here are some of the backpacks they had ready to go for elementary school children:

When Abby and I started this journey almost a year ago, one of the first projects that popped into my mind was this one.  Unfortunately, by the time we got going, it was too late to participate last year.  I have had it on my radar ever since, and we were not going to miss this one!

The School Supply Project is a non-profit organization that is run out of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Plano.  I grew up at that church, my mom still goes there, and my kids go to preschool there.  I used to help pack school supplies as a kid with my mom, and I have fond memories of that service project.

This morning things got off to a rocky start, with Abby getting up on the wrong side of the bed (way too early, I might add).  I was pretty nervous that our morning of volunteering would turn out to be a disaster.  The whole way there, she griped about how she did not want to do this project and she just knew it was not going to be any fun.  I kept trying to explain to her that this project was about helping other people, and it feels good when you help other people.

Thankfully, when we arrived, she did a complete 180 with her attitude.  One of the ladies there asked her name and if she was going to help today.  She quietly said yes, she was going to help.  Then she turned to me and said, “Mom, I changed my mind.  I want to do this.”  For the next hour and fifteen minutes, she did fantastic!  She packed dozens of bags of supplies for middle schoolers and high schoolers, and she filled zipper bags with pens, pencils, erasers, etc.  I was quite surprised at how well she did.  I figured either my mom or I would have to help her with everything, but I was wrong.  She figured it out quickly and did a great job of packing supplies (the CORRECT supplies, no less!).  Here are Abby and my mom packing a bag of supplies:

And here Abby and I are packing the zipper bags:

I was worried that this project might be a little beyond Abby, but I am thrilled that I was wrong.  (Granted, she didn’t quite make it the full two hours we planned to be there, but overall, I was very pleasantly surprised.)

If you are in the Plano area, this is a great project to do with your children, your church group, your Girl Scout troop, or any other group.  They pack several days a week during the summer and you can sign up through their website.   They also collection donations year-round.  If you don’t live in the Plano area, I am sure there is a similar organization in your area that would love your help!

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One Response to Project 48: Volunteer at The School Supply Project

  1. Very nice blog about The School Supply Project. I have given a link to your blog on The School Supply Project website. Great photos too!

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