Project 45: Buy baby formula for orphans

Yesterday, I happened along a Facebook page for the New Day Foster Home, which is an orphanage for special needs children in China.  I ended up on their website, and started reading.  On the website, I learned about the tremendous need for baby formula for orphans.  According to the website, “some orphanages feed their babies under one year old cow’s milk, rice powder, or in some cases, simply water. None of these options provide enough nutrition for an infant, so it often results in severe malnutrition and in some cases, death.”

With the need for baby formula weighing on my mind yesterday, a friend who is traveling to Africa in July to visit orphans posted about the urgent need for formula for the orphans in Africa.  She was asking for formula donations so she could take them with her on the mission trip.  Perfect!   After dinner, Abby and I went to Target to buy formula.  I explained to her why we were doing it.

We also picked up toothbrushes, toothpaste and antibiotic ointment for them to take to Africa.  (Abby is going to Vacation Bible School this week, and the kids were asked to bring these other items as offerings to VBS for my friends to take to Africa.)  Abby was surprisingly excited about buying toothbrushes and toothpaste for the kids in Africa.  I picked out the cheap toothbrushes, and she insisted those just would not do.  No girl could  use a primary colored toothbrush when a princess toothbrush was an option!  So, we added a princess toothbrush to the mix.  (She did feel that maybe boys would find the primary colored, Peanuts toothbrushes to be acceptable, so they stayed in the cart as well.)  She also insisted on two tubes of toothpaste – one with princesses on it for the girls and one with cars on it for the boys.

There are a number of options out there for donating baby formula.  I really like the sponsorship program, which I found through the New Day Foster Home in China.  They offer a monthly sponsorship of $25 per month to provide formula for orphanages.   If you’re a new mom and end up with extra samples of formula, don’t just throw them away.  I bet there’s a great option out there where you can send them and help a child get the nutrition he or she needs!

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