Project 44: Have a lemonade stand to raise money for a good cause

It has been a while, but we finally completed another project!  June has been a crazy month for us, since we spent 9 days in Hawaii on vacation.  But, now we’re back in the groove.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am starting a team through my church to run a half marathon in October (13.1 Dallas) for Team World Vision.  I’m actually running the half marathon of the Dallas Marathon in December for Team World Vision, too.   (One team member couldn’t run 13.1 Dallas, so I agreed to do both so she could participate.)  As a team, we’re trying to raise $13,000 – the cost of one well in Africa.

Abby decided she wanted to help raise money for Team World Vision.  She knows a lot about World Vision because of the child we sponsor in the Congo – Belinda.  I suggested a lemonade stand, and Abby jumped on the idea.  She’s been talking about doing it since before our trip, and today she finally did it.  My cold-drink-stand experience goes way back…

Yep, that’s me on the right, jumping in the air to flag down customers at the Kool-Aid stand business I had with my childhood friend, Krissy.  I have no idea what we were trying to raise money for – I’m sure it was something super important at the time (although at 10 cents per cup, it must not have been a very expensive goal!)  – but I never forgot the experience of having the Kool-Aid stand.  Hopefully Abby will remember it for a long time, too!

Abby decided that she wanted to offer treats in addition to lemonade, so yesterday we baked up a storm at our house.

Abby also made a sign for the stand…

Last night, I wasn’t home when the kids went to bed.  When I got home, Rob told me that Abby was so excited about the lemonade stand.  She had even set out a special outfit to wear.   So cute 🙂

This morning, we set up and waited for the customers to arrive.  And we waited.  And we waited.  For the first forty-five minutes, not a soul came to the lemonade stand.   The only money we’d made to that point was the money Abby used from her giving bank to buy herself a treat, and the money I used to buy one for Jake.   Abby kept asking me why no one was coming to her lemonade stand, and I just kept telling her to hang in there.

Thankfully, the customers finally arrived and the lemonade stand was a success!  Abby’s friend from soccer, Shelby, and her family were the first to arrive.

By the end, we had 11 people come to her stand.  Many thanks to my mom (you can always count on Grandma to come to this type of thing!), the Fletchers, the Siratts, the Larsons and our next door neighbors (whose last name escapes me) for coming!!!

One of my favorite things about this experience was to see that the two little kids who came (Shelby and Amy) both spent their own money for the treats.  I loved that their moms had told them what it was for, and they chose to spend their money in that way.  Two or three or four dollars might not seem like a lot to us grown ups, but to a kid, it’s a lot!

Abby ended up raising $42 for Team World Vision with her lemonade stand, $8 short of her goal of $50.  I’d say that’s pretty darn good!  If anyone was unable to make it out today but would like to help her reach her goal of $50, you can donate here.  Just leave me a note so I know it’s for Abby’s lemonade stand.  I want to be sure she knows how much she raises!  (She chose $50 as a goal because that is the amount of money required to provide clean water for one person for life.  Pretty impressive!)  (UPDATE:  After five more generous donations, Abby surpassed her goal and ended up raising $106 with her lemonade stand!  Many thanks for the Lowes, the Martellas,  the Beardens, the Kwons and the Wacasters for your help!)

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