Project 43: Donate pajamas/books for the Pajama Program

I am in charge of “charity” for my moms’ club, and this month I asked each member to bring either pajamas or books to benefit The Pajama Program.  Another mom in the group suggested this project, and I loved it!  (Thanks, Kelly!)

The Pajama Program is a nationwide organization that provides new pajamas and bedtime books to children in a variety of difficult situations – homeless shelters, orphanages, foster homes, etc.   Some of the children live with their families, but the families simply do not have the means to provide new, clean pajamas or books for the children.

Abby is in a phase now where she is obsessed with nightgowns.  Over the past few days, Abby has spent a large portion of the day wearing her different nightgowns.  So, when I told her that we were going to buy pajamas for The Pajama Program, she was super excited.   When we got to the store, she made a beeline for the nightgowns.  I told her to pick out one, and she flipped out.  Why only one?   Mommy, it isn’t nice just to get one – think of all the kids who need nightgowns !  We need to buy them all!   Feeling guilty, I explained to her that we were only going to buy one nightgown and one book for this project (but sweetheart, we have so many other great projects left to do – we can’t spend all our money on this one!).  I told her that we would be working with our friends who were also going to bring pajamas and books and together, our donation would be much bigger.  I don’t think she ever understood why I capped our purchase, as the next day we went back to Target and she wanted to go buy more pajamas for the project.

Picking out the book was a little more of a challenge.  Abby and I didn’t see eye to eye on the best choice.  Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton is my all-time favorite children’s book.  (Say it with me now – Pajammy to the left!  Pajammy to the right!  Jamma Jamma Jamma Jamma PJ!)  Abby, on the other hand, thinks that princesses are the only way to go, no matter what you’re buying.  Since we got the princess nightgown, I stuck to my guns on Pajama Time.  I think we’re on our fourth copy of the book at our house.  Every child should get to read it!

Last night we had our moms’ club meeting, and I was so excited to see how many moms brought jammies and books for this project!  We collected 14 sets of pajamas/nightgowns and 10 books.  Here is everything we collected:


When you finish a drive for the Pajama Program, you submit a form on their website letting them know you’re finished.  Then, they contact you and tell you where to bring your donations.  I completed the form, and as soon as I get word from the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter, I’ll go drop off the donations.

This is a great project to do with your church groups, moms’ groups, Girl Scout troops, etc.  Kids love their pajamas, and Abby really enjoyed picking out pajamas for someone else.  I think based on the great participation we had in our moms’ group that others felt the same way.

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2 Responses to Project 43: Donate pajamas/books for the Pajama Program

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  2. Jason says:

    You should post this idea on on the service project link. You can enter your project on the map and they email you a free certificate.

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