Month Ten Wrap Up

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’ve been at this for ten months!  It has been such an amazing experience to have service be at the forefront of our minds and actions for such a long time.  (Maybe ten months isn’t really that long, but when you have preschoolers, it certainly seems like it!)

We had a great month of May!  Our first project of the month is definitely at the top of my list of favorites so far.  Abby cut off her long, beautiful hair and donated it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths.  She begged me for months to cut her hair short, but I really, really did not want her to do it.  I suggested that she wait until it was long enough to donate, and she did.  Here are some before and after pictures:

I will admit that her hair has never looked that good since we left Sweet & Sassy, but it looks cute most of the time.  She loves it and we have gone from a daily struggle over her hair (where she would scream like she was being tortured every time I brushed it or fixed it) to a very easy routine.  So, all in all, the project was great.  Everybody won.

Our next new project for the month was to do little random acts of kindness on Memorial Day.  We did this by making patriotic popcorn and delivering it to five families of Abby’s choosing.  We included a little tag wishing the family a happy summer and suggesting they pay it forward with five random acts of kindness of their own.

Our last new project for the month – our 43rd project overall – was to buy pajamas and books for The Pajama Program.  We did this project with my moms’ group, and Abby loved buying a nightgown for someone who needed it.  Our group collected a lot of jammies and books!

This month we also completed Project 32, which was a several-month-long project.  We collected pop tabs, with the help of Abby and Jake’s preschool and several friends and family members, to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.  The Ronald McDonald House recycles pop tabs and uses the money to fund the daily operations of the house.  We did this project in honor of a friend’s child, and this project was extremely rewarding.  Abby worked so diligently to take the pop tabs off every can in our house, and I loved seeing the children at the preschool bringing pop tabs every morning.  We collected thousands of pop tabs!

After ten months of service, I can safely say that I am more inspired than ever to keep going.  I love that Abby still remembers and refers to many of our projects, even going back to the very beginning.  I love that she comes up with her own ideas and really seems to enjoy the projects that we do.  And I love how great it feels to make a difference and to inspire others to make a difference.

When I started this whole thing, I had in the back of my mind that I was looking for some long-term mission that I could focus on to truly make a difference.  Now, I’m starting to think that inspiring others to devote themselves to service, rather than committing to any one particular thing, may just be my calling.  Earlier this month, I came across a website for a youth director in Michigan.  She was referring people to my blog and urging people to follow our example and commit to service.  I was so excited to be impacting and inspiring total strangers thousands of miles away.  This renewed my passion and has really motivated me to try to spread the word and grow the giving movement.  I recently started a Facebook page to go along with the blog, so if you haven’t checked it out, please go “like” the page here!  I’m hoping that by touching families I’ve never met who may live around the corner or around the world, the impact of our projects can go far beyond the handful of people who actually benefit from any given project.

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