Project 42: Commit to five random acts of kindness!

Today is Memorial Day, and we, along with everyone else in this country, pause to remember those who have served and sacrificed so much for our freedom.  To any veterans who happen to be reading this, a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!  Memorial Day has extra significance for me because my dad, an Army veteran, passed away from cancer on Memorial Day eleven years ago.

In honor of Memorial Day, I really wanted to find some special “Memorial Day” project for us to do.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really come up with anything overly significant that would work for a 4.5 year old.  Instead, I decided that we would make the day special by simply doing some random acts of kindness for others.

This morning, Abby, Jake and I made “Patriotic Popcorn.”  (Thanks, Pinterest!)

To make the Patriotic Popcorn, we popped microwave kettle corn and then melted white chocolate.  I poured the white chocolate over the kettle corn and stirred it up.  Then, Abby put patriotic sprinkles on top.   After chilling it, I divvied up the popcorn into bags and added red and blue M&Ms.  I added a cute tag to the bags that reads “Wishing you a Happy Summer With Love from The Draper Family!”  Then it goes on to suggest that the family pay it forward by doing five random acts of kindness for five of their friends or strangers.  Here is the finished product…

Abby picked out five families that she wanted to deliver the treats to.  So, we set off to make our deliveries.  Here she is at the first house…

This morning we made three deliveries, and when I’m done with this post, we’ll head out to deliver the other two.  If you’re looking for something fun and easy to do this Memorial Day – or any other day for that matter – commit to five random acts of kindness!

I already have next year’s Memorial Day project planned.  We will help put flags on the graves at the DFW National Cemetery, where my dad happens to be buried.  It got a lot of publicity this year, so they had almost a thousand volunteers.  Next year, that will be us!

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