Project 41: Donate hair to Beautiful Lengths (or Locks of Love)

Abby has been begging me for as long as I can remember to get her hair cut short.  I loved her long hair.  It was beautiful.  Long, silky, blonde.  I loved everything about it.  I especially loved that I could french braid it, put it in a pony tail, or style it pretty much any other way imaginable.  Here is just one example of why I loved her long hair…

I loved that cute ponytail!  Several months ago, I told Abby that if she really wanted to cut it short, she should wait until it was long enough to donate so that someone without hair could enjoy her beautiful hair, too.  She agreed, which bought me some more time with her long hair.  We researched the different options for donation.  Locks of Love, which makes wigs for children with cancer, requires 10 inches.  Beautiful Lengths, which makes wigs for women with cancer, only requires 8 inches.

For months, Abby has had me get out the tape measure to see if her hair is long enough to donate.  About two months ago, I realized it was long enough to donate.  So much for that delay tactic!  My next delay tactic was to tell Abby that she had to wait until after her dance recital was over before she could cut her hair.  The dance recital rules said hair had to be in a low ponytail.  Although I’m sure they wouldn’t have kicked her out for hair that was too short to go in a ponytail, I convinced Abby that she should leave her hair long through the dance recital.  Well, yesterday was the dance recital.

Without any more reasonable excuses to delay the inevitable, I finally agreed to let Abby get her hair cut.  She has told absolutely everyone we have seen for weeks that as soon as the dance recital was over, she was getting her hair cut.  This morning she was up bright and early, and she bounced off the walls with excitement all day.

Here are a few before pictures…

We put the ponytail holders into her hair and measured to be sure there was eight inches.  (We probably could have done ten, but I was afraid it would end up way too short, so we stuck with eight.)  Then the stylist took the scissors to it.  AHHHHH!!!!!!

No turning back now….

To donate the hair, you have to put it in a ponytail, chop it off just above the ponytail holder, put it into a plastic bag and mail it off.  Ours is all ready to go!

She relished the whole process.  I don’t think she had any doubts about wanting short hair.

When all was said and done, her little haircut turned out adorable…

I confess.  I pretty much started to cry when it was done.  But, the more I look at it, the more I love it.  Abby absolutely loves it.  She ran around telling anyone who would listen about how she was donating her bag of hair.  I am proud of her for doing it – and proud of myself for letting her!

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