Month Seven Wrap Up

Well, it took seven months, but we have finally had a month where I fell short of my goal of doing one service project per week.  When all was said and done, we only actually accomplished two projects this month.  But, we have gotten started with a couple more, so we’ll count that for something!

First, we participated in the Souper Bowl of Caring through our church.  This was Abby’s first opportunity to spend money from her giving bank.  For this project, we each simply contributed $1 (which is what we were asked to do) towards the youth’s Souper Bowl of Caring efforts. 

Our second project was a great one.  We made Valentine’s Day treats to take to a local women’s shelter.  Abby and I really enjoyed making a variety of chocolate-covered treats together, although I still think there are sprinkles on my kitchen floor! 

This past Sunday we planned to go to DFW Airport to welcome home soldiers through the Welcome Home a Hero project.  On Saturday, Abby and I made colorful posters in preparation for the event.  (I am pretty sure I will be cleaning up glitter from the kitchen table for months!)

Unfortunately, when Sunday came, the military flight was delayed from a 4 pm arrival to a 10 pm arrival.  There was just no way we could make that happen with two little kids.  We have rescheduled for this Sunday, and hopefully this one will work out better!

I am currently on day eight of my Forty Bags in Forty Days project.  I didn’t go in the order of items on my list, but I have crossed out seven different items on the list so far.  (I am working up the motivation to cross something off today, I promise.)  I haven’t come up with anything good to donate yet, but I wasn’t really expecting to find much to donate in my junk drawer or the fridge!  I am confident this will lead to some projects in March.

Even though it isn’t a new project, Abby and I have focused a lot of our energy this month into collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.  Abby is really in to this project – probably because her preschool is involved.  She is vigilant about collecting the pop tabs from my Diet Dr Pepper cans, and she takes a little baggie with a few pop tabs in it to school several times per week.  Last night she hit the jackpot when two of my friends from the Firewheel Moms’ Club came over with HUGE baggies full of pop tabs.  (Thanks Jennifer and Desiree!)  Abby was so excited!  I took her to school fifteen minutes early today, thinking that would be plenty of time for her to put all the pop tabs into the jugs at school.  She wanted to share the wealth and put pop tabs into the jugs of every single class.  So, we methodically worked our way down the hall, with Abby dumping a few handfuls of tabs into each jug.  It took her twenty-five minutes to unload them all!  Her class left for chapel without her, and I asked if she wanted me to finish putting the tabs into the jug for her.  Nope – she wanted to do it herself.   I love this project!

I also love how Abby continues to bring up previous projects.  Yesterday, as we were walking in to preschool, she said, “You know mom, there are still people out there who don’t have any shoes.  I think it’s time for us to donate some more old shoes….  But not my Dora sneakers.  Those are too stinky.  We should throw those out.”  Haha.  (We previously donated old shoes to Shoes For Kids.)  I am regularly surprised by how many of our projects Abby remembers at age 4.    Warms my heart 🙂

Come to think of it, maybe February wasn’t such a bad month for our projects after all.  We may have only added two projects to our list, but we certainly were service oriented and devoted a good bit of time to our projects!  I look forward to adding several more projects to the list in March!

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