Forty Bags in Forty Days Challenge!

Happy Fat Tuesday to all!  As most of you know, tomorrow starts the season of Lent.  I have never really done anything with regards to Lent.  I have sat by as I have watched my friends give up one thing or another over the years, but that was not something we did in my family growing up.  As an adult, I have tried once or twice to give up something near and dear to me (like those darn Cadbury Eggs and jelly beans), but I have never really followed through on it (sorry God!). 

As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently discovered Pinterest.  One of the ideas I came across while browsing the site was a Lent challenge someone else did last year:  Forty Bags in Forty Days.  The idea was to break up the house into small, manageable areas and de-clutter the whole house over the course of forty days.  Now, I’m not entirely sure what this idea has to do with preparing for Jesus, but I’m sure I can tie it together somehow.  I’m thinking something along the lines of “decluttering to make room for God.”  At any rate, I loved this idea and thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a serious dent in the clutter in our house. 

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with my “teaching to give” blog.  Well, I’m  not entirely sure yet.  I expect that through the course of my decluttering, I will come across a wide variety of stuff that can be donated to one cause or another.  For example, we have a ridiculous amount of towels that usually sit in a big pile waiting to be washed.  I plan to rid us of at least half of the towels.  Knowing that no one would want to buy our old towels, I plan to take them to a local animal shelter.  Who knows what other trash  treasures I will come across as I work my way through the house.  We may very well end up having a garage sale, and we’ll probably end up adding significantly to a landfill somewhere, but I imagine I’ll come up with a good number of donations, too.  I do know one thing – if I can complete this challenge, I will be soooooo much happier!  Here is the list I came up with for my forty days.  Sorry if some of the items don’t make a whole lot of sense.  Rest assured, they are real places and I know what each item means 🙂

40 Bags in 40 Days



  1. Laundry room
  2. Guest room
  3. Kitchen counters
  4. My junk drawer
  5. Drawers in the island
  6. Island cabinets
  7. Backpack cabinets
  8. Cabinet under the sink
  9. Upper kitchen cabinets (window side – left)
  10. Upper kitchen cabinets (window side – right)
  11. Upper kitchen cabinets (fridge side)
  12. Lower kitchen cabinets (window wide)
  13. Lower kitchen cabinets (fridge side)
  14. Drawers in kitchen (over backpack space)
  15. Drawers in kitchen (window side)
  16. Drawers in kitchen (fridge side)
  17. Pantry (main part)
  18. Refrigerator
  19. Freezer
  20. Office – Printer cabinet
  21. Office – Desk
  22. Office – Sofa Table
  23. Office – Book case
  24. Coffee table drawer
  25. End table drawer
  26. Dresser
  27. Night stand
  28. Armoire
  29. My closet
  30. Bathroom cabinet
  31. Abby’s closet
  32. Jake’s closet
  33. Jake’s dresser
  34. Abby’s dresser
  35. Playroom book case
  36. Playroom cabinet
  37. Kids’ bathroom cabinet
  38. Kids’ bath toys
  39. Guest room closet
  40. Closet under the stairs


 So, who wants to join me on this Forty Bags in Forty Days Challenge???

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