Project 34: Participate on the Souper Bowl of Caring

As I am sure you are aware, last Sunday was the Super Bowl.  As much as I would like to boycott any Super Bowl that does not involve my beloved Cowboys, I just can’t do it.  I love football too much.  Plus, the party is always fun!

Each year on Super Bowl Sunday, our church youth group participates in the Souper Bowl of Caring, a nationwide initiative to fight hunger.  The youth request each member of the congregation to contribute $1 to fight hunger, with the idea that together we can make a big difference.

Several days before Sunday, I told Abby about the Souper Bowl of Caring.  I told her that each member of the church was asked to give $1 and suggested that she use $1 from her “giving bank” to contribute to the cause.  I told her I also planned to donate. 

For some reason, the thing that struck Abby most about this project was that teenagers would be collecting the money.  Somehow in her mind, teenagers = cheerleaders, and she LOVES cheerleaders.  For several days leading up to Sunday, she kept asking me when she could give her money to the cheerleaders.  It took a long time for me to figure out she was talking about the teenagers in the youth group!

Sunday morning, Abby took $1 out of her giving bank and gave it to me for safe keeping.  When the service ended, she eagerly went looking for cheerleaders to give her money to.  She was most confused at the teenage boys standing at the back of the room with the donation buckets!  But, she put her money in and ran back to me smiling.

Later that day, Abby said, “Mommy, that project wasn’t very special.”  (I refer to our projects as “special projects.”)  I smiled and said, “You know what?  It’s special to the people who will be able to eat because you chose to give.”

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