Project 33: Donate to Liam’s Wells

If you read the post for Project 32, you are already familiar with my high school friend, Amy Lowe, and her son, Liam Lowe, who passed away recently from leukemia.  So, I won’t go in to all the details again here.  Instead, I will share what I have learned about the wonderful boy that Liam was.  (If you want to learn more, you can ready his obituary here.)

Even after Liam was diagnosed with leukemia, he wanted to help others.  When he learned that there are people in the world who do not have clean water, he wanted to do something to help.  In 2011, he began fundraising through The Water Project.  Donations through the program provide wells for impoverished areas.  Liam set an initial goal of $16,500, but according to the obituary, he has surpassed $32,000 in donations.  Wow – $32,000 in donations from a project set up by a then six-year-old!  I am in awe!  (Note, his fundraising website shows a lower amount, but I am going off the amount listed in the obituary.)  I can only imagine how proud his parents are of the person he was.

In reviewing Liam’s obituary, it states that memorials can be given to Liam’s Wells.  I think it is so wonderful when young children care so much about others, and I love that his family is continuing his project.  So, today I donated to Liam’s Wells.  I hope you will take a minute to do the same!

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One Response to Project 33: Donate to Liam’s Wells

  1. Gary Lowe says:

    Just a note about donation figures for the Water Project.
    In order to go ahead and allow Liam to know that the first wells had been completed – they closed the initial project. Total for that project was $16,744.73 and is listed under completed projects.
    They then opened a second project which remains open. At present (March 29, 2012) the total for the second water project is up to $26,022.14. That includes the latest contribution of $2729.41 from children at Highland church. The current water project donations in Liam’s honor are up to $42,766.87. Wells have been completed at 2 schools and a hospital.
    Best wishes in your teaching project!
    Liam’s PaGee

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