Project 31: Start a Virtual Food Drive

Now that we are almost halfway through our year devoted to service, I must admit that I am really struggling to come up with new ideas for projects.   I often think that I have already used up all of my good ideas, which gets very frustrating.  So, tonight I sat down at the computer on a mission to find some new ideas to get us back on track to meet our goals. 

My whole project began when I came across a blog post with over 100 suggested ways for your family to make a difference.  (You can check out that post here.)   I figured the best way to find new ideas was to go back to the original source and see what else I could pull from the great list.  After all, the list had over 100 suggestions, and so far we have only done 30 projects.  There must be some more good ones on that list! 

One of the ideas from the list that jumped out at me today was starting a virtual food drive.  I clicked on the link, which led me to a blog where someone else was hosting a virtual food drive.  I briefly considered donating to that one, but then I decided I could make more of a difference by hosting my own virtual food drive and inspiring you all to donate to it!

The virtual food drive is through the national organization Feeding America, which is devoted to helping solve America’s growing hunger crisis.  According to their website, a $1 donation will provide 8 meals for hungry men, women and children in our country.  Eight meals!  (Of course, this makes me all the more appalled that I can’t find a way to feed our family of four on a grocery budget of $700/month, but I digress.)  I am truly inspired by charitable organizations that are able to make a huge difference for such a small amount of money.

I jumped on to the website and started my own “virtual food drive,” with the goal of raising $500.  If I am able to meet this goal, we will together provide four thousand meals for the hungry in our country.  FOUR-THOUSAND MEALS!!!  I started us off with a $10 donation.  Eighty meals down, 3920 to go.  (Yes, I pulled up the calculator on my computer to make that calculation.  Sad, I know.)  Would you really notice a difference with your bottom line or in your daily life if you donated $1, $5 or $10 to this virtual food drive today?  I doubt it.  But, those 8 or 40 or 80 people who get to enjoy a filling meal will surely notice and be extremely grateful.  They will never know who took two minutes out of their day to make a small donation, but that’s not really what giving from the heart is all about, is it? 

Please take a minute to visit my virtual food drive page and make a small (or large!) donation.  I will get nothing from you doing so, but I promise it will make your heart smile 🙂  You can find my virtual food drive here.  Then, take another minute and share my blog post on your Facebook page or with your friends and family and encourage them to make a small donation to my virtual food drive.  Together, our small donations really can make a difference!

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Holly, how are you going to get Abby involved in this one?”  Well, I have thought about that.  If you’ve been following along with our projects, you know that in our last project, Abby started a “giving bank.”  So far, her giving bank only has $1 in it, but by Sunday it will have $2 in it (barring a lapse in her motivation to do her chores.)  There aren’t too many places I can recommend for her to donate $2 where she can make much of a difference, but I think she will really be excited about the idea of donating $2 to buy 16 meals for people who are hungry.  (She often suggests the project idea of buying food for people who don’t have food.)  I have promised Abby that she can choose to spend her “giving” money in any way that she wants, so time will tell if she choses to give to the virtual food drive right off the bat.  I will let you know!

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