Project 29: Take cookies to new neighbors (and old)

We had a house on our street that sat empty and for sale for months and months (maybe even a year).  It is such a beautiful house – I would have bought it if it had been for sale at that price when we were house hunting!  Anyway, the house FINALLY sold and our new neighbors moved in on December 22.  So, Abby and I decided to make some more Christmas cookies and take them to the new neighbors to welcome them to the neighborhood.  We figured that with the move, they probably didn’t have much time to make their own Christmas cookies this year.  Here are a few pics from our cookie-making:

Abby’s favorite part of cookie making – licking the spoon!

At one point, I tried to give Abby directions on how to make the drop cookies, and she got all annoyed.  She said, “Come on, Mom.  I know how to do it – we already made cookies for the fire fighters!”  Of course, silly me! 

After the cookies were made, Abby decided that it wasn’t enough to take cookies just to the new neighbors.   She wanted to take cookies to our next door neighbors (the ones that we know) and to some friends at the end of the street.  (Actually, she wanted to take cookies to many more neighbors than that, but we only had so many cookies to go around.)  So, we boxed up three containers of cookies and made cards and off we went!  Here is Abby with the cookies and card for the new neighbors…

On December 23 we delivered the cookies to the new neighbors.  They really seemed to appreciate the friendly welcome to the neighborhood, and it was nice getting to know them a little bit.  We also delivered the cookies to the next door neighbors.  The friends down the street weren’t home, so we delivered those on Christmas Eve.

I must say that my plan to give away the vast majority of our cookies so as to avoid eating them myself backfired slightly with this project!  The next door neighbors turned around and gave us some of their cookies in return and the friends down the street gave us fudge.  I think we ended up with more than we gave away!  But, we certainly enjoyed the cookies and fudge and they were all gone by the end of Christmas day.

I noticed that a couple of my friends posted on Facebook about some really sweet projects their families did on Christmas.  One family planned to take coloring cooks and crayons to children in the hospital, but shockingly none of the local hospitals ended up having any children at that time.  So, instead they took the gifts to The Samaritan Inn.  Another family took a cookie cake to the nurses working in the NICU on Christmas Day.  I love both of these projects and just may steal one of these ideas for next year!  I feel their projects put our little Christmas project to shame, but, nonetheless, we enjoyed our project and I think the neighbors did, too!

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