Project 28: Donate gently used toys before Christmas

With Christmas only two days away, there is an obscene amount of presents under the tree for our kids (and an even more obscene amount of presents locked in the guest room – to be unveiled Christmas morning.)  As much as I would like Christmas to be less about the “stuff,” somehow there always seems to be a lot of “stuff” to go around. 

My husband’s mother just sent three gigantic boxes filled with Christmas presents (to go on top of the crazy amount of presents she bought for the kids when she was here), so we told Abby that she needed to fill those three boxes with toys to donate to make room for the new presents. 

Rob and Abby tackled this task together, and I must say I am absolutely shocked at how great of a job Abby did.  Normally, Abby HATES cleaning up the playroom.  A five-minute clean-up job ends up taking her an hour because she spends so much time whining and complaining about cleaning up.  Not this time.  Instead, she very meticulously went through all of the toys and books to decide what to keep and what to donate.  At one point, I overheard her say “No, we need to keep that.  Jake really likes that toy.”  In the end, I only found one toy that needed to be rescued from the donation boxes, which I thought was surprisingly low!

After all of the boxes were full, I asked Abby what she thought we ought to do with the toys.  She thought about it and said we should give them to the same people we gave the stuffed animals to.  (We previously collected stuffed animals and donated them to Family Gateway.  You can read about that here.)   Family Gateway has become a frequent beneficiary of our projects, which I think is great!  I know there are many children at Family Gateway who will love these toys.  So, Rob plans to take the boxes over shortly. 

On a completely unrelated note, I got an e-mail yesterday from Operation Christmas Child letting us know that our shoe box was delivered to Haiti.  It makes the project so much more exciting to know where it is going!   (Check out Project No. 20 for more info on Operation Christmas Child.)

On that note, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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