Project 27: Make Christmas gifts for teachers

Tonight Abby and I made Christmas gifts for her and Jake’s teachers at the preschool.  Abby has been planning gifts for her teachers for at least a week.  She first decided she wanted to make “books” for each of her three teachers.  She carefully drew pictures and spelled out words and made “books” for each teacher.  She also wanted to give each teacher one of our Christmas cards, and she carefully wrote each teacher’s name out on the envelope. 

The main part of the gift was the caramel corn we made together tonight.  We spent a good 1.5 hours working on it, made a gigantic mess of the kitchen, and I managed to burn myself twice trying to stir the caramel corn while in the oven.  But, it made for some good mother/daughter bonding!  When the caramel corn was done, Abby filled a Christmas tin for each of her teachers and each of Jake’s teachers.

I must say, this caramel corn is delicious!  My mom has made it several times, and she convinced me that it was easy enough for us to try.  My biggest problem was that she failed to tell me the caramel sauce would expand to about twice its original size while boiling – thus covering my whole stove top in caramel!  Lesson learned – it will go better next time!  Here are the finished products…

My favorite part of the project happened a good hour after we were finished.  I read Abby a story and tucked her into bed.  A couple of minutes later, she came trotting out of her room.  Resisting the urge to yell at her for getting out of bed, I calmly asked her what she wanted.  She sweetly said, “Mommy, I just wanted you to know that I loved doing that project to make presents for my teachers.”  I cherish moments like that!

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