Project 26: Adopt Angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree

Every Christmas for my entire adult life, I have adopted angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  It is probably my all-time favorite charitable activity.  When Rob and I got married, we began doing this project together, and it was automatic for us to include our children when they joined the mix. 

Now that we have kids, we generally pick two angels – a girl who is Abby’s age and a boy who is Jake’s age.  Even though Jake isn’t old enough to understand what we are doing, he is involved and will never know life without adopting angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree!

This year we adopted a four-year old girl named Lesley and a two-year old boy named Orlin.  Lesley wished for a pink t-shirt and a doll house, and Orlin wished for a coat and a ride on car.  We always go way overboard and buy so much more than what is listed as a “want” and “need.”  We want our angels to have lots of presents under the tree! 

Abby was really involved in picking out all of the toys and clothes for Lesley.  Here is a shot of Abby picking out a doll for our angel…

Jake liked testing out the toys we picked out for the little boy.  We knew Orlin would like the toys if Jake liked them!  My favorite part of this project is that our whole family did it together.  Here we are checking out…

When Christmas morning comes, I look forward to taking a moment to think about the two sweet angels who will be having a Merry Christmas thanks to us.  I also look forward to continuing this tradition for the rest of our lives!

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