Project 25: Donate gloves and hats

Today we donated sets of gloves and hats to the “mitten tree” at the kids’ preschool.  The preschool has a little Christmas tree set up in the hall for kids to put socks, mittens, hats, etc. on for children who do not have such things to keep them warm in the winter.  The preschool is donating the items to two different places – an emergency shelter for youth in Plano and a free medical clinic for the poor in Plano.  The preschool director told us that these places were just so appreciative of these gifts.  Children apparently come in all the time with absolutely nothing to keep them warm, and these places help them out. 

This morning it was bitter cold (the news told me it was 22 when I woke up), so it was the perfect day for the kids to donate cold weather items.  Here are the gloves and hats we donated:

Here is a picture of Abby adding our donations to the “mitten tree”:

One of the great things about Christmas is that opportunities for giving can be found around every corner.  Of course, one of the sad things about Christmas is realizing how many people are out there without.  We are certainly trying to participate in as many of the giving opportunities that we see as possible at this time of year.  I hope you all do the same!

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