Month Four Wrap-Up

We are now officially 1/3 of the way through our year-long committment to service!  With the holidays ramping up, things have definitely slowed down for us on the service front.  We only completed five projects in November, and I can probably only really count the first two as true “projects.”  I don’t know that December will get any better – as things are crazy busy – but we are definitely not giving up!

This month, we started with a wonderful project – Operation Christmas Child.  I had never heard of Operation Christmas Child before, and I have absolutely fallen in love with the project.  They collect wrapped shoeboxes filled with Christmas presents and deliver them to needy children all over the world.  This project will 100% make it onto our to-do list every November!

Our next project was to adopt a foster child angel from the angel tree at our church.  Being the huge football fans that we are, we picked a child who wanted a football jersey.  Seven year old “Elijah” will now be the proud owner of a Dez Bryant Cowboys’ jersey come Christmas morning.  I hope he loves it!

Our third project was to participate in Impact Dallas at our church.  This was the second year for Impact Dallas, and I was blessed to serve on the committee this year.  Our whole church met for one worship service, and then we broke up and went out into the community to do 17 different projects.  For our project, we took activity kits to children at Medical City and took goodie baskets a fire station.  Over 450 people participated in the event, and overall it was a huge success!

Next, Abby took it upon herself to do a project by creating Thanksgiving cards for her preschool teachers.  I love that she came up with this project all by herself and took the initiative to get out the supplies and create the cards without any help whatsoever from me.  Her teachers loved the cards!

Finally, Abby came up with another project after someone she knows was diagnosed with cancer.  All on her own, she decided to make a get well card.  She took so much time carefully writing the letters for “Feel Better Soon – Love, Abby Draper.”  Then, she decided she wanted to use her own money to buy slipper socks as a gift to go with the card.  I could not have been more proud of Abby for what she did.  Seeing her sweet heart really makes me feel like I must be doing something right!

December is going to be a very crazy month, but we’ll try our best to get in at least a couple of projects!  Today we picked up angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree, so we are already working on our first project for the month.  Not to worry – we will be back to full steam after the holidays!

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