Project 24: Give gifts/cards to someone who is sick

Today we (or should I say Abby) completed a project created 100% by Abby.  Seeing her come up with this idea and implement it all on her own was probably the most heartwarming thing I have experienced since we started this project (and there have been a lot).

Someone Abby knows was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  There was a pink paper on our kitchen counter telling us the sad news and asking for prayers for this woman.  Abby asked me what the paper said, and I told her.  I’m not sure exactly how much Abby understands about cancer, but she does know the grandpa that she never met died from cancer.

I was truly touched by how Abby has remembered and thought of this woman ever since I told her.  Every night, she has reminded me that we need to say prayers for the woman, and she has reminded me many times throughout the days.  She also decided to make a get well card, and she spent so much time carefully spelling out “Feel Better Soon” on the card.  Abby said, “My class already made a card.  Do you think [she] would still like a card from me, too?”  Absolutely.  Then Abby said, “You know, I really think we should get a present to go with the card.  That would help make her feel better.”  I asked Abby what she thought would be a good present.   After giving it some thought, she came up with slipper socks.  I told her I couldn’t think of a better gift for someone who isn’t feeling good than to give her something to make her snuggly and warm.

On Saturday, Abby counted out the coins in her piggy bang and put enough money in a baggie to buy the slipper socks.  We went to Target, where she picked out some cute snowman slipper socks, and she plunked down her own money at the cash register to pay for them.  This morning, she put the slipper socks and card in a gift bag and gave them to someone who will make sure they get to the right person. 

Seeing how giving Abby has become just warms my heart beyond belief.  I am so proud of her.  Just when I think I can’t love her any more, she does something like this and my love for her grows more than I ever thought possible. 

I realize my projects have slowed down a little this month, with the craziness of the holidays rolling in.  Abby has taken it upon herself to come up with our last two projects, and I could not be more proud of her.  Seeing her evolve over the past four months is all the reason I need to continue coming up with great project ideas!

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