Project 22: Participate in a church-wide day of service (Impact Dallas)

Our family has attended King of Glory Lutheran Church in Dallas for almost six years.  We love our church – and what we did today illustrates one of the many reasons why!  Today we participated in the second annual Impact Dallas event, where our church comes together to spend one Sunday giving.  We had one worship service at 8:30 (as opposed to four different services), and then everyone split up to participate in 17 different service projects all around the city.  I estimate we had almost 500 people participating.

This year, I was privileged to serve on the Impact Dallas committee as a co-leader for one of the projects.  Our project involved several different little projects.  After the church service, our group met to assemble gift baskets for police and fire stations.  We also assembled activity kits for children at Medical City Children’s Hospital and gift baskets for the nurses at that hospital.  Below are some pictures of our group and the assembling…

Some of the items we delivered required some behind-the-scenes work ahead of time.  Several ladies at the church spent countless hours making medical dolls and nuzzle blankets for us to take to Medical City Children’s Hospital.  Here are examples of the dolls and blankets:

Members of the church made hundreds of the nuzzle blankets, with two in a pack.  The blankets are for babies in the NICU and their mothers, if the mother cannot be there all the time.  One blanket is given to the mom, who carries the blanket with her so that it smells like mom.  The other is given to the baby.  When mom comes to visit, she switches out the blankets and the baby will continue smelling mom after she leaves.  Members of the church also made around 60 of the medical dolls, which the hospital uses to explain to children what is going to happen at the hospital.  The dolls are plain, and the kids are allowed to decorate and personalize them. 

Once all of the baskets were assembled, we broke up into groups to deliver the goodies around Dallas.  A large portion of the group went to Medical City Children’s Hospital to deliver the activity kits and nurses baskets.

At the hospital, a child life coordinator met with our group and gave us a tour.  She showed us the mock operating room, where they try to explain to children what will happen and ease their fears.

About half of the group opted not to go to Medical City, but instead headed straight out to fire stations and police stations to give out the goodie baskets.  Some of us who went to Medical City chose to also deliver to fire stations.  The fireman who showed us around was so sweet to Abby – and they all really seemed to appreciate the goodies we brought!

In total, members of our group went to 17 fire stations and 3 police stations in Dallas.  We had around 45 people participating in our project, but other members of the church participated in 16 other projects.  The projects were all unique and provided great opportunities for service!  Here is a listing of the other projects our church did today:

  • Clean-up at local parks
  • Working in a community garden designed to feed the hungry
  • Put on a fall festival at an assisted living home
  • Send college finals survival kits to students
  • Send military care packages
  • Assemble personal care kits for Lutheran World Relief
  • Assemble cracker packs for the homeless
  • Assemble personal hygiene kits for the homeless
  • Assemble school supplies for Bea’s Kids
  • Put on a birthday party at MOSAIC (home for mentally disabled adults)
  • Host lunch and a fall carnival at Family Gateway (homeless shelter for families with children)
  • Worship with and serve lunch to the people at Outcry in the Barrio
  • Deliver canned goods to North Dallas Shared Ministries
  • Collect and deliver coats to Network of Community Ministries
  • Build ramps at homes of the handicapped / homebound
  • Neighborhood clean up at St. Phillips’ School and community center

Members of our church spent months collecting all of the various items needed for all of these projects, and around 25 people put a lot of time and effort into planning all of the events.  Almost all of the projects were family friendly and involved children of all ages.  Abby loved getting to do projects with some of her friends and with so many other people!

If you attend a church, you should consider starting an event like this!  It is truly inspirational to watch the whole church get together to do what God has called us to do!  If you do not attend a church, we welcome you to come check us out at King of Glory.  It is such a wonderful, giving place!

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