Project 21: Give a Christmas gift to a foster child

You know the Holidays are approaching when angel trees start to pop up all over the place.  This past Sunday, the angel tree at our church was up.  Every year, one of the life groups at our church sponsors an angel tree for a couple of different types of angels.  One of the groups is foster children through Lutheran Social Services.

Abby saw the tree in the church atrium on Sunday morning and immediately wanted to know what it was about.  I told her we could pick an “angel” from the tree and buy the gift on the “ornament.”  We browsed through the angels and ultimately selected a seven-year old boy named Elijah.  Elijah’s Christmas wish was to have a football jersey.  So, being the Dallas Cowboys fans that we are, Abby and I went out and bought Elijah a Dez Bryant jersey.

I explained to Abby what “foster children” are, and I think she had a really hard time understanding the concept.  When we bought the jersey for our angel, it took a lot to convince her that Elijah probably did not want a pink jersey!   (Abby’s 4th birthday was this past week, and she received a pink Tony Romo Cowboys’ jersey.   Who wouldn’t want a pink jersey?) 

I am excited about all of the giving opportunities that will pop up now that Christmas is coming.   We are only two weeks into November, and we have already bought Christmas gifts for Operation Christmas Child and our foster child angel.  I look forward to finding many more Christmas projects for us to do in the coming months!  If you know of a great Christmas-related project, please let me know!

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