Month Three Wrap-Up

Well, we are officially one-quarter of the way through our year-long committment to service!  Today wraps up our third month of projects, and I would say it was another successful month. 

I started with Project No. 14, which wasn’t that much of a project, really.  I registered to be a bone marrow donor.  Although this isn’t something Abby can participate in now, I felt a really strong calling to sign up and post about the project to encourage others to do the same.  Many of my friends told me that they registered after seeing the post.  Hopefully one of us will end up saving a life one day!

Next, for Project No. 15 we did a really great project for little kids.  We collected gently used stuffed animals and donated them to Family Gateway, a local homeless shelter that helps families with children.  I really thought this project was great for preschoolers, who are at an age where they both love stuffed animals and have too many.  I enjoyed watching Abby’s thought process as she picked out toys to donate, and I loved how many people participated in the project!  I also loved that we got to hand deliver the donated items to the homeless shelter.  It really touched me to see where our donations were going.

Project 16 was another “purge and donate” project.   My kids love books, but we had way too many!  So, Abby and I sorted through the stash and donated a big bag of books to the kids’ preschool.  The preschool was very appreciative!

Next, for Project 17, we donated the kids’ old shoes to Shoes for Kids.  Shoes for Kids is an organization started by a young girl who was inspired by a family mission trip to Africa.  She is on a mission to send shoes to little boys and girls all over the world who do not have shoes.  I don’t think Abby could fully comprehend that there are places in the world where families are so poor that the kids do not even have shoes.  We will continue to send our gently used shoes to this organization for as long as we can!

Project 18 is one of my all time favorites – Reverse Trick-or-Treating.  We were super excited to have a couple of Abby’s friends from school join us, along with a couple of my friends from the neighborhood moms’ club with their kids.  We all got together and prepared goodie bags.  The kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes, and we took the goodie bags for them to give out at a local assisted living home.  This is a wonderful project – I recommend everyone do this next Halloween!

Our final project for the month, Project 19, was to simply buy coffee for a random stranger at Starbucks.  This project is obviously a far cry from curing cancer, but I think we made someone’s day.  It was a little project that only cost us about $3, but it’s fun to surprise someone with a random act of kindness!

We have really enjoyed our projects so far, and we have gotten some really great feedback about them!  I love that a lot of people joined us for our projects this month – we look forward to having many more of you join us in the future!  One of our next projects is going to be Operation Christmas Child.  If you would like to participate in that project, please let me know!  You can read about it here.

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