Upcoming Project: Operation Christmas Child

Many people have expressed a desire to follow our lead and do projects with their children.  I think this project provides the perfect opportunity for other families to get involved and make a difference.  I came across Operation Christmas Child because it was listed as one of the projects on the original list that started this whole thing.  I know what you’re saying…  But Holly, it’s only October!  True, but the National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child is November 14-21.  That isn’t too far away!  I thought I would put the word out now to give everyone plenty of time to shop for this great project.

Operation Christmas Child provides wrapped shoe boxes of gifts filled with goodies to children all around the world who would not otherwise receive any presents on Christmas.  Since learning of the project, I “liked” its Facebook page and have read so many sweet stories about children who have received the shoe boxes.  One of my favorite parts of this project is that they suggest you include a family picture and your address.  The website says that the recipient of your box may write back.  How fun would that be for our kids to get a letter from a child in a far off land who received the gifts? 

There are drop off locations all around the country.  For anyone who lives near me or will see me before November 14, I will collect filled shoe boxes and drop them all off at the local site during the week of November 14.  If you do not live near me, I urge you to find the site closest to you and participate on your own!   If you do this project and drop off your shoe box on your own, please let me know about it.  I would love to see how many shoe boxes we can inspire!

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