Project 18: Go Reverse Trick-or-Treating

Today we did a project that is definitely one of my favorites!  I actually came up with the idea for “reverse trick-or-treating” about four years ago, and we started the event at our church.  Unfortunately, last year I was in a funk on the day we were planning church activities, so I chose not to host the event.  And, of course, the event was scheduled for a time we couldn’t go and we missed it.

This year, our church event was originally scheduled to be today.  I was so excited about it and had been talking it up to Abby for weeks.  Last week I found out the event had been moved to next week, once again at the same time as my kids’ school’s fall festival (a definite can’t miss event).  I was so disappointed!  So, I took immediate action to plan my own reverse trick-or-treating event. 

I invited all of the moms in the Firewheel Moms’ Club and all of the kids in Abby and Jake’s preschool classes.  With the late notice, I was worried that we wouldn’t get enough people.  We ended up with four other moms and their kids coming – two from the Firewheel Moms’ Club and two from the preschool – for a total of six kids.  It turned out to be the perfect number!

Everyone met at our house this morning and brought a variety of goodies for goodie bags.  We had several types of candy, cookies, nuts, peanut butter crackers, kleenex, lotion and a few little Halloween trinkets.  We decorated bags with Halloween stickers and ribbon and filled them to the brim with goodies.

Abby and Amy decorating goodie bags

Some of the finished goodie bags

When the goodie bags were done, we snapped a picture of the kids in their Halloween costumes, all ready to go.

James (the dog), Jake (the golfer), Abby (Snow White), Amy (Rapunzel), Tyler (the dinosaur) and Aiden (Batman)

Then, we all drove over to Mayberry Gardens, an assisted living facility about five minutes from our house.  Mayberry Gardens is unlike any other assisted living facility or nursing home I have been to before.  Rather than one huge place, it is made up of eight smaller houses, each with its own living area, kitchen, etc.  We started with the first house, goodie bags in hand, and went to wish the residents a Happy Halloween.

Aiden - aka Batman - giving out a goodie bag

Amy, Tyler and Abby

Jake was a little shy but everyone loved him!

Amy and Abby with a resident

Amy handing out a goodie bag
James meeting a dog that was visiting one of the residents

I just love this project!  It’s such a fun excuse to use those Halloween costumes one extra time.  The residents absolutely loved getting to see the kids in their Halloween costumes, and the kids all seemed to enjoy giving away the goodies.  They also loved getting to dress up.  I think everyone had a great time, and we will definitely continue doing this project every year!

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2 Responses to Project 18: Go Reverse Trick-or-Treating

  1. kate says:

    that was fun Holly! Thanks for including us!

  2. margaret says:

    Tyler and I had a great time, thanks for letting us join in the fun! great meeting all you ladies too!

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