Remembering what’s important…

A week or two ago, a reporter from The Garland Texan read my blog and said she wanted to do a story about me and Abby.  I was super excited to share our story.  The reporter asked if she could come interview us to get some quotes from Abby, so we set that up for this afternoon. 

The tone for the afternoon was set when I picked up Abby from school.  For no reason whatsoever, she flipped out and threw the mother of all temper tantrums.  She said (yelled, actually) that she wasn’t coming home.  I told her, for the first time, that a reporter was coming to the house and wanted to meet her.  Of course, she said (yelled) no.  I walked down the hall to get the kids’ bags, and she proceeded to come into the hall, lay on the floor, scream, and pound her fists and feet into the ground.  It was beyond ridiculous! 

As we drove home, Abby began to ask questions about the reporter and seemed to transform back into a normal person.  She told me what her favorite projects had been and said what she wanted to tell the reporter about.  Things were looking up.

When we got home, we played outside while we waited for the reporter to come.  When she pulled up, Abby said she was too shy to talk to the reporter.  Of course, that’s the most ridiculous thing she could say, since Abby is anything but shy!  The whole time the reporter was here, Abby was absolutely awful.  She would not sit still and rarely gave more than a one word answer to any question.  When she occasionally said something more, it was impossible to understand because she had her thumb in her mouth, was smashing her mouth with her fingers, or was just mumbling.  I think the highlight of the visit was when Abby left the room in the middle of the reporter asking questions only to return without her clothes on.  Ah, the joys of motherhood!    The reporter was super nice and understanding, but that did not make it any less embarrassing for me!

I was so frustrated and angry with Abby after how she behaved today.  She is generally such an animated, chatty kid, and you never know what crazy, fun thing will come out of her mouth next.  I’ll admit that I kind of wanted to show her off today.  Instead, Abby shot me back down to earth.

After dinner, my frustration slowly subsided.  Abby was clearly tired, and she just wanted to snuggle and read stories with me.  As she lay there in my arms, it hit me how silly it was for me to care about what she told the reporter about our projects.  What matters is the time I get to spend with her doing our projects and the lessons she is learning through them.  She may not have shared any of those lessons today, but I know she has learned them and I know they are buried deep inside her.  I know these projects have affected her, and I know that the more projects we do, the more impact it will have on her.  Some day, I know I will look back at a wonderful, giving young lady and laugh about the day she came running out in her panties in front of the reporter.  For now, I am just thankful that the reporter wasn’t from a TV station and there was no video of the event!

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One Response to Remembering what’s important…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Holly…I love you and all the love you have for your beautiful family. You always make me smile:-)

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