Project 16: Donate old children’s books

Weeks ago, Abby and I started cleaning out the playroom looking for various types of things to donate.  She was particularly interested in donating some of her books.  Not that she doesn’t love to read – she does – we just had WAY too many books!  There were far more books than could fit in the book shelf, and that meant most of them never saw the light of day.  So, we went through all of her books and she picked out a bag full of books that she no longer reads. 

Several times over the course of this project, she has said, “Mom, you know what would be a great project?  Giving books to people who don’t have books!”  I did some research to try to find a good organization to donate the books to.  Ultimately, I decided to donate them to Abby and Jake’s preschool – The Ark Preschool at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Plano.  (Granted, this isn’t exactly “giving books to people who don’t have books,” but I do think it’s a great place for our donation.)  The ARK is a non-profit preschool, and they were super excited about the offer of our excess books.  My children have been loved and nurtured at The Ark, and I am excited for this small chance to give something back to them.  Today when I pick up the kids, I will go with my large bag of books in tow to donate.

Whenever you find your playroom, or bedroom, or any other room overflowing with too much “stuff,” I encourage you to thoughtfully consider who might really benefit from a donation of that “stuff.”  There are so many great organizations out there who would love to take such items off your hands!

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