Project 12: Donate Blood

I did it!  I really never thought donating blood was something I would ever consider doing in a million years.  Not that I didn’t think it was important or a great cause, but my needle phobia was always far stronger than any desire to give.  Not any more!   It’s bordering on ridiculous how proud of myself I am for doing this.

If you have never donated blood before, you should!  I had heard that it was a lot more involved than a standard blood draw at the doctor’s office, which kind of scared me away.  The only real surprise was that I did not know they prick your finger for blood first to check the iron content.  Otherwise, my experience today was basically identical to a blood draw – only the needle is left in for about 10-15 minutes instead of 2.  Once the needle was in (with a slight pinch), it didn’t hurt at all.  Thankfully, I did not experience any light-headedness or any of the other unpleasant side effects I feared, and I got to splurge on cookies afterwards.  All in all, it was no big deal at all!  Well, I should say the process of donating was no big deal – to the person who is saved by my blood, it is a very big deal!

I gave blood right before teaching the three-year-old Sunday School class at our church.  (Abby is in the class.)  All of the kids were very interested in the blue bandage on my arm.  Several asked what it was from, and I said I gave blood.  Abby went on to explain to everyone that giving blood will keep someone from dying and going to heaven.  That, of course, set the kids off on a path we did not want to go down!  One of the kids started saying “I don’t want to die!” over and over, which made the other kids chime in with the same.  At least Abby no longer cries and says “I don’t like that project!” when I tell her about my decision to donate blood.  This is definitely not a project a preschooler can appreciate or understand – but some day she will understand.  And hopefully some day she, too, will choose to donate.

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