Project 11: Hand Out Silly Bands

When I told Abby that this weekend’s project was going to be me donating blood on Sunday, she was extremely upset.   She cried and repeatedly said, “That is not a good project!”  So, I promised her that I would come up with another project that she could participate in this weekend.  I came up with this simple idea from reading a great blog post about a woman who spent her birthday with her kids doing random acts of kindness.  You can check out that post here.  It’s great! 

I recently joined the Firewheel Mom’s Club (the mom’s group in my neighborhood), and today there was a playdate to go see The Lion King at the theatre.  I thought that would be the perfect opportunity for Abby to hand out silly bands to other kids – there were sure to be tons of little kids at this movie.  So, before the movie we made a quick trip to Target to pick up some silly bands.  Jackpot – 20 Dora silly bands for 50 cents.  I splurged and bought two packs.  In case you don’t know what silly bands are, they’re these stretchy bracelets that come in cute shapes.  Here are some of the ones we passed out:

Here is Abby, ready to head into the theater with her two packs of silly bands.

Abby had the best time running around to all the little kids at the theatre asking if they wanted silly bands.  We definitely learned that kids about age 3-5 love silly bands.  Kids older than that are apparently too cool for them, as they regularly rejected the gift.  The little olds loved them, though!  Abby gave out two silly bands to each kid.  She gave out about half to kids in the theatre.  All throughout the movie she kept saying, “I want to leave and go hand out more silly bands!”  (She doesn’t quite have the attention span to sit through a full length movie in the theatre yet – we made it, though.) 

After the movie, I asked Abby if she wanted to head home or if she wanted to walk around the Firewheel mall to give out more silly bands.  She definitely wanted to hand out more silly bands.  So, we wandered around the mall and found the playground.  All of the preschool age kids at the playground left today with two silly bands.  Here is Abby playing with some of the girls she gave silly bands to…

She had the best time passing them out, and the little kids all loved them.  What an easy and cheap way to bring a smile to someone’s face!  When we got home, I asked Abby what her favorite part of our day was.  Surprisingly, her response wasn’t the movie or the train ride or the playground.  Her favorite part of our day was passing out silly bands!

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