Project 10: Donate to a worthy cause – North Texas Giving Day

This project was a spur of the moment decision, but I thought it was worth posting about.  Did you know that today (September 15) is North Texas Giving Day?  If you go to, any donation of $25 or more made to any of the charitable organizations listed will be matched!  Surely you can spare $25.  Money is very tight in my house right now, and my husband and I are (supposed to be) on a very strict budget.   But, when I was reminded of this today, I knew I wanted to find a way to scrounge up $25.  There is a glass bowl on our table that I dump my change into periodically.  There is probably $100 or so in there.  Later today I will be cashing that money in to come up with $25 to donate to a great cause. 

I went to the website and there are literally hundreds of organizations to choose from.  If you do not already have a favorite organization to donate to, you can search for a particular type of organization.  Want to help kids?  Great!  Want to support the environment?  There are plenty of options for you!  What about animals?  Education?  Employment?  Just about any type of charity you can think of can be found on the list. 

For my donation, I am choosing the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas.  (Abby and I, along with a couple of friends, decorated birthday cakes and hosted a birthday party for the Boys & Girls’ Club in August.  It was awesome!  You can read about that project here.  On a slightly related note, I just learned today that a friend of mine, Cristina, went and hosted a September/October birthday party at the Boys & Girls’ Club yesterday.  It made my day to know we inspired her to do that!)

So, I challenge you to empty out the change jar or skip your daily out-to-lunch and donate at least $25 to your favorite cause!  Your $25, along with the matching funds, really can make a difference!

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