Project 7: Make/Send Cards at Unexpected Times

I did not originally plan to do a project yesterday.  We had the whole weekend to do something, and I wanted to watch my beloved Rangers play the Red Sox.  Early on in the game, Abby came down and sat next to me and said, “Mom, aren’t we going to do a project today?”  I considered the game briefly, but immediately said we would get started on another project if she wanted to. 

So, I set out to start what I thought would be project 7.  Abby and I went shopping at Michael’s to buy some craft supplies for that project.  Little did I know, Abby would hijack our project and it would turn into something completely different!  This project was easy and cheap (we spent about $13 on craft supplies that will cover this and other projects), but the absolute best part of it was that it was 100% Abby’s idea.

At Michael’s, we bought construction paper, glitter and glue to make a card to go in the care package to a soldier (for what will now be project 8).  As we were walking into the store, Abby said, “Hey, we should make cards for Grandma (my mom) and Gram (Rob’s mom) too!  That would be a nice project for us, wouldn’t it?”  Of course!  So, we finished buying our supplies and headed home to start her new project.

Abby is to the point in her life where she wants to do everything herself.  Sometimes that is good – other times it is a pain.  She wanted desperately to write the messages on her cards herself, so I helped her spell the words and showed her the letters when she wasn’t sure.   (This part was good.)  I asked her what she wanted to say on Grandma’s card, and she said, “I love you!”  Then I asked what she wanted to put on Gram’s card.  She thought about it for a minute and said, “Thank you for all the presents you sent.”  (Gram just sent a box of goodies for Abby and Jake a couple of days ago.)  I told her that a thank you card was a great idea, and off she went.

Abby carefully writing out the letters on a card

After she wrote everything out, we moved on to glue and glitter.  I don’t think I’ve used glitter in about 20 years.  I had completely forgotten how messy it is!  But, of course, Abby would not hear of me doing the glitter.  She HAD to do it herself.


I think we will be cleaning up glitter in the breakfast area forever.  But, Abby had a great time and the cards came out really cute.  Grandma came to babysit that night, so Abby was able to give her the card almost immediately.  Gram’s card will be put in the mail on Tuesday.  (Anyone reading this who might tell Gram… shhh!)  Here is the finished product:

Thank You card for Gram

One of the biggest things I’ve learned on my journey so far is to encourage Abby in every way possible when it comes to giving.  My plan for the day’s project did not include making cards for Grandma and Gram, but when she came up with an idea for a project, I ran with it!  This was the first project she has come up with that did not involve donating our old stuff.  She is definitely growing!  I can’t wait to see what her little preschool mind comes up with next!

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