Project 4: Water at the Park

This project was originally planned for last weekend, but mother nature had other plans.  So, we pushed this project back to today.  It worked out well, as Rob was able to join us.  This idea was not on the original list of projects, but rather I stole this idea from an anonymous church.  Last spring, I took Abby to her friend Maggie’s birthday party, which was at a playground.   It was a warm day, and a bunch of people in plain yellow t-shirts were there handing out water.  They were not handing out pamphlets or evangelizing.  They were simply doing something nice for others.  I only learned they were from a church when I asked, and they never made any attempt to recruit me to their church.  It really struck me that they were doing this project with no ulterior motive.  They were not advertising for their church.   They were not preaching.  They were simply being nice.  So, today we decided to do the same.

Abby icing down the water in preparation for our project

We went to Bob Woodruff Park in Plano with a cooler full of cold bottled water.  We went early, with the estimated high temperate for the day at 107.  There were not a ton of people at the park, but there were enough.  Right when we arrived,  there were two ladies in the parking lot just finishing up a walk.  Abby rushed to get them water.  One lady particularly seemed to appreciate it.  She started telling someone on the phone about the sweet little girl who just gave her water.   Then she called Abby over again for a hug.  Here she is…

We headed down to the playground with our cooler and got ready to give!

Abby and I are ready to go with water!

Not everyone was as excited about our project.   I would say only 50% of the people we offered water to actually accepted.  But, the people who did accept genuinely seemed happy about it.  One family (whose daughter is in the picture below) even came back to tell Abby how great it was that she was doing this.  Abby went on to tell the family that we were doing lots of “special projects.”

Even Jake seemed to enjoy the project.  We could not actually give anyone the bottle Jake carried around, though, as it regularly found its way into Jake’s mouth!

We loved having Rob join us for his first project.  It was definitely helpful to have him help with the big cooler.  And, it’s always nice to have two adults when there are two kids running around!  Hopefully he will be able to join us on many more projects.

Jake and Rob

Abby did lose interest in passing out water fairly quickly, as she was super eager to play on the playground herself.  After giving out water to everyone around who seemed thirsty, we let the kids play for the rest of the time.  Because of the awful heat this summer, we haven’t ventured outside much.   Hopefully cool weather will come soon so we can get out there more often.  The kids had a great time.

Abby and Jake enjoying the park after giving out water.

Overall, I would say Project 4 was a success.  I asked Abby this morning if she wanted to do a special project today, and she never hesitated in shouting out “Yes!”  As we were driving to the park, she asked how long it would be until we got there.  I said about five minutes.  She started shouting “Oh goodie!  Oh goodie!” from the back seat.  Maybe she was just excited to play at the playground, but I’d like to think she was also excited about doing another project together.

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