Project 2: Sacrificing for clean water

I confess – I am an addict.  I have a serious addiction to Diet Dr Pepper.  I go through a ridiculous amount of the sweet goodness every day.  I don’t drink coffee in the morning – I drink Diet Dr Pepper.  As soon as one is finished, I go for another.  I easily go through 5-6 cans in one day.  (Of course, my husband would probably tell you that I only drink the first half of most cans.  I think that little habit drives him nuts!)  When I run out of Diet Dr Pepper at home, I find some excuse to run errands so I can stop at a convenience store for a 20 oz bottle.  It is beyond ridiculous.  I have tried on numerous occasions to give it up, but those tries have all failed. 

In reviewing the list that initially inspired this project, I saw the project listed to give up all non-water beverages for two weeks and donate the savings to a clean water organization.  For my second project, I have decided to tweak this project a little to fit my life.  As a general rule, the only non-water beverages I drink are Diet Dr Pepper and milk.  I don’t really want to give up milk, but I definitely need to give up the Diet Dr Pepper.  So, I am pledging to give it up for one month.  I am enjoying my very last (for a while) Diet Dr Pepper as we speak.  Here it is…

Twenty ounces of carbonated loveliness

The proceeds from my month of sacrifice will be going to Blood:Water Mission.  Initially, I thought, “What difference could my Diet Dr Pepper proceeds possibly make in the grand scheme of things?”  I spend about $8/week on Diet Dr Pepper, so we are looking at a total contribution of $32.  Not much, right?  Well, according to this website, $1 will provide clean water for one person for a whole year!  Wow!  So, by making this simple sacrifice, I can be helping 32 people for a whole year.  Not too bad!

Now, you may recall that the main goal of my project is to teach my children to be givers.  And, you may be saying, “But wait, this doesn’t involve either of your children!”  Abby is well aware of my Diet Dr Pepper addiction.  Thankfully, she has so far bought my explanation that she can’t have it because it’s a “grown up drink.”  I know the day will come when she realizes lots of other kids drink soda, so it is not really a grown up drink.  I want to be free from my addiction by that point so I can lead by example.  We all know an addiction to soda – diet or not – is not healthy.  I am tired of being a hypocrite on this issue, and I want to change myself before Abby and Jake are old enough to realize the hypocrite that I am!  I will also be sure to explain to Abby where the money is going.  I say that this project is going to last a month.  Hopefully, this change will last forever.

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