Project 1: Cookies for firefighters

Today I embarked upon the first project of what I hope will be a very long list.  I’m not sure why, but this option leapt off the list at me as the perfect one to start with.  Maybe it’s because I knew I could lick the bowl after making brownies… who knows.  At any rate, this is where we started.

Last night I tried to explain to Abby how we would be doing special projects every week to help people out, and I told her what today’s project would be.  This morning, she was super excited to go shopping to buy the supplies to make the cookies and brownies.  On the way to the store, we happened to be talking to my mom on the phone.  I handed the phone to Abby, and she excitedly explained to Grandma what we were doing.  It was so cute.  She then went on to explain to Grandma that we would be doing a “special job” every day “until we get to Heaven.”  Umm… I’m not sure where she got that!  I find it fascinating that she made a religious connection to our little project, since I never even hinted at that connection myself.  I simply told her that it’s nice to do nice things for other people.  I do think at some point we will need to have a good discussion about grace, though!

While we were shopping for our supplies, our project unexpectedly made some random strangers smile.  We turned onto the baking aisle, and Abby excitedly ran over to the brownie mixes yelling “Brownies!”  A mother and daughter (early teen) were also in the aisle.  They were amused by Abby and the mother said, “We like to have brownies at our house, too.”  Abby turned to the lady and said, “Oh, these are not for our house.  They are for the fire station!”  They said that was wonderful and asked if my husband was a fire fighter.  I said no and explained what we are doing.  They looked shocked and amazed.  I think we made their day! 

While Jake napped, Abby and I enjoyed a fun afternoon of mother-daughter bonding while making the cookies and brownies.  We made brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and M&M cookies.  Of course, we had to test them when we were done.  We would hate to give the fire fighters bad cookies! 

Satisfied that the were good, we packaged them up with some wrapping bows and a thank you card made by Abby. 

The Package

We went to the fire station just down the road from our house.  One of the paramedics saw us coming and came out to meet us.  He just raved to Abby about how great it was that she brought them cookies.  He took the cookies in for everyone and then came out to show us the ambulance and fire truck.  Another fireman came out, cookie in hand, to find out who had brought the cookies.  Abby took a turn sitting in the truck.  Jake was pretty apprehensive of the whole situation, clinging to my leg the whole time. 

We didn’t stay long, as at 106 or so degrees, we were hot in a hurry.  Right after we got in the car, Abby made me stop and roll down the window so she could say goodbye to the paramedic again.  Before we even made it out of the parking lot, she wanted to know when we would come see them again.  Tomorrow?  I tried to explain that we would try a different project next week, but that we could come back again some day if she wanted.  All in all, I would say Project No. 1 was a success!

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2 Responses to Project 1: Cookies for firefighters

  1. I’m working on something similar with my boys right now. Do you remember how many cookies you made for the fire department?

    • hdraper7 says:

      We actually did this project again today! Today we baked a box of brownies and a box of chocolate chip cookies (that gave us about 16 cookies). When we did this with our church, we included a lot of other items (pasta, pasta sauce, fruit, granola bars, etc.) I think they will be happy with bring!

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